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Did you ever wake up one morning and discover that you weren’t really a millionaire in fact you weren’t even liquid. And this after all the seedy promises in all the seedy web master forums.

Believe what you want and I guess I did, but the only way you will make money on the web is by being a con artist which is probally what fifty percent of web sites are about or by having relevant first class content.

If you are trying to make a living from adsense then you better have a great site with tons of traffic. The same goes for affiliate marketing.
So you buy a domain name and this could be the best thing you ever did if you are wise enough to buy something with meaningful keywords and not “” (If this is a real name I give in so don’t bother clicking on it.) OK so where was I, I keep losing myself running off on tangents.

So you buy a domain name and you set off on a Google search to become the latest cyberspace millionaire, and if you’re like me what you will find is that almost everyone on every forum has a perspective and its their own. The name of the game is to get you to buy something from them that someone else stuck them with. And tell me If you really knew how to get to number one on any Google search would you really be selling this piece of gold dust for $49.99. I think you would be guarding it with your life while you launched site after site and made million after million. Why not sell it (your secret) to Google or Microsoft for like a billion.

Let me enlighten you with words from the foolish.
The best way to get rich on the web is to buy any top quality dot com name that you can. Park it somewhere for free or put it on a mini site that you build yourself with relevant content related to something you know about. If you are lucky your names will generate enough revenue to renew themselves for ten years and then you will know what rich is.

Last summer (2008) I could have registered some family member first names for registration fee. Right now like eight months later you can not find any first name in any decent extension. It is almost even impossible to find a first

The point is that ten years from now “” might just be worth something.

Right now you can buy for registration fee.
So go to Google and search discount windows there are like 6,350,000 results and 11 ppc (pay per click) ads on the first page.

Is it only me or does anyone else get it. Ten years from now someone will be paying $10K for It’s like who doesn’t start the search for real estate on the web.

Almost all Realtors will tell you that that like 90% of new buyers come with the homes they want already searched out on or some such. Yet if you ask that same Realtor do they have a domain name they will give you a blank look and say yaaah! and you will say ohhh! what is it. And she will say it’s or Sells what? (Judy branch is a ficticious name I just pulled out of a hat. Any resembelance to anyone living or dead is not intended. This is a work of fiction.)

If you’re not Google, Yahoo or Amazon then you have to realize that Domain names are all about Keywords.

Now seeing as Judy lives and works in Escondido Ca a nice city with a population of 136,246 and the excellent domain name is available as I write for registration fee (less than 10 bucks) don’t you think that $10 dollar investment would be a great idea for Judy.

Maybe I am a fool but if Judy baby is still selling homes in ten years she will most probably shell out like $10K for the name that she could buy and use today for $10 dollars. In fact with the real estate market the way it is now she might make more just by buying the domain name that she will this year in commissions.

A Google search of Escondido Realtor shows 4,870,000 results and 8 PPC ads.

Heres another genious! A certain auto dealer (who shall remain nameless) operating an 8 dealerships chain all trading under the same domain name (R—— was offered the exact same name as his in plural version for a very modest 4 figure sum (less than 2K) and was found to have no interest.

For purposes of clarity let me run this again. The auto dealers domain name was
The domain name offered to him which he had no interest in was

Now it appears that on most pre owned sales the dealer will clear 2 grand. But less than 2K was too much to pay for the plural version of a name that is serving 8 dealerships. I don’t know, do you.

Just like real estate most buyers today start off their car search on the web.

I’m sure most of his competitors would be more than happy to snap up the name and with it I’m sure a good portion of his customers.
But the real shame of it is that R—— was bought for 7.49 like two weeks earlier.

I tell you in the not too distant future there will be an awful lot of hindsight crying salt bitter tears for lost dreams.

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